A vibrant early years learners’ counting book (ages 3-5 years), which takes children on a journey all the way from 1-20.

– Easy to understand layout, including a clean page on the left with the word and numeric for each number to aid identification and early years learning.

– Theme of endangered Australian animals.

– Children will engage easily with the animal theme.

– The artwork has Indigenous (local Cherbourg community) themes and style.

– Discussion and learning potential includes:

  • What is an Australian animal?
  • What are the different types of animals e.g. birds, mammals, marsupials, fish/sea animals, reptiles etc.
  • What does endangered mean?
  • Size and perspective – larger animals are used for the smaller numbers, and smaller animals for the larger numbers.
  • Bonus section: Did You Know? including an interesting fact about each animal; What Can You Do?; and definitions.