Friends of Budburra


Budburra is supported by a number of key partnerships, which make our projects possible.

The Smith FamilyThe Smith Family

The Smith Family is a national, independent children's charity helping disadvantaged Australians to get the most out of their education, so they can create better futures for themselves.


Cherbourg State School

Cherbourg is an Aboriginal community in South East Queensland.  It was established in 1904, under the ‘Aboriginal Protection Act’.  Tribes from all over Queensland and New South Wales were moved here.  Over the decades, a strong Cherbourg identity has grown.

The school is situated in the heart of the town with 220 Indigenous children regularly attending.  The Budburra Books literacy project began at the school in 2008 as a curricular program called “Books, Books, Books.”


RatartatRAtARtAt Artists (Peter Widmer & Geoff Bonney)

RAtARtAt has developed from our original Studio practice of Fine Art as painters and sculptors. It has evolved over time into a multi faceted approach to Art, in a very broad sense, within many communities. RAtARtAt collaborations are the product of and are, in the main, project based, and we encourage engagement with other artists in those projects.


The Ration Shed Museum

The Ration Shed Museum is a vibrant, community-run, not-for-profit venture that records and keeps the story of Cherbourg’s complex history.  It is about understanding what happened in the past, and how the past has shaped the present.

The Ration Shed Museum also creates local employment and provides economic benefits to the community. All profits are re-invested in the growth of the Cherbourg Historical Precinct and future community projects.

Cherbourg Yidding Artists

The  Cherbourg Yidding artist group are professional artists who have developed and embraced a contemporary style which includes elements of traditional Indigenous techniques.  This is what they like to share with students and visitors.  They are based at the Ration Shed Museum.  They run regular art workshops, and are a big part of illustrating Budburra Books.

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Zebra Crossing Pictures Zebra Crossing Pictures (Robyn Hofmeyr & Mark Newman)

Zebra Crossing Pictures is a partnership of two filmmakers, Robyn Hofmeyr and Mark Newman, specialising in documentaries, educational and corporate media. We have worked in Cherbourg, Palm Island and other Indigenous communities for a number of years. Our focus is on story-telling, facilitation of communication and community empowerment. We have a significant track record in educational production, both in Indigenous and mainstream areas. We are based in Maleny, Queensland.


Tanya Schneider (filmmaker & media workshop facilitator)

Tanya Schneider is an actor, filmmaker and video editor.  Over the past 8 years, she has worked in Cherbourg in a variety of capacities: teaching digital media workshops to both adults and children, directing and editing local historical and informational films, and producing the Budburra Books film adaptations with the community.  In 2008, Tanya won the Teachers Award at the EnhanceTV Australian Teachers of Media Awards.

She is currently also the Coordinator for Budburra Books.



Budburra Books relies on funding to continue it’s ongoing literacy and cultural projects. 



In the past, individual books have received funding from a variety of funders, including The Smith Family, the NAB Schools First Regional Awards, ACICC, RADF, and the Lighthouse grant.